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Training for the Future!

Houston School of Carpentry is a  TWC approved vocational training school that offers Basic Carpentry and Construction Skills training and Electrical Technician training.  The management team at Houston School of Carpentry has over 20 years of  direct workforce development and training experience.

Houston School of Carpentry’s aim is to become one of the finest educational institutions of its kind in Houston. Houston School of Carpentry offers several extremely well designed courses that encompass the most essential basic carpentry and construction skills and Electrical Technician skills necessary for a student to secure entry level employment in the construction and electrical industries. 

The school's curriculum has been designed to continually adjust to changes in demand in the market. This allows graduates to receive the most up-to-date technical training in a classroom and laboratory environment that incorporates hands-on methods to provide the very finest practical as well as theoretical training.  


Houston School of Carpentry Offers:

Train to be an Electrical Technician

We are currently running classes that will lead you to a great new career as an electrical technician.


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Train To Be an HVAC Tech

We are currently running classes that will lead you to a great new career as an HVAC Technician.


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Train To Be a Carpenter

We currently do not offer Carpentry Classes, but you can check to see if we are going to hold them in the future.


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